Russian Ice warriors hanging-in tough amid fierce weather for the maiden ascent of K-2 in winters

Reports are still coming in as the Russian giants continue with their attempt to scale the Savage K-2 for the first time in winters. Karakorum, unlike its neighbouring Himalayas in Nepal, is famous for the harshest of the winters in the world after the polar caps. While the mountaineers keep fighting the below freezing temperatures, what has been more of a trouble lately are the fierce winds which have the might to blow away almost anything in its path.  The Russian team has been battering terrible weather conditions for consecutive days now and much of their plans for the day ahead have been laid to waste.
The formidable “Ice Warriors” have still managed to fix Camp-2 via the Cessen Route and are waiting impatiently in their for the weather window to climb to higher altitudes.  The Russian National Team Expedition K2 Winter Ascent official website on January 22nd, 2012 read, “Jan, 20 Iljas’s group descended to BC (Base Camp). Jan, 22 Alexey Bolotov’s group returned to BC too. Guys lifted loads to C2. C1 and C2, broken by the hurricane, has been reset. They couldn’t climb above C2 via fixed some days earlier ropes because of the strongest winds. Yesterday, close to the evening, the sun appeared on the sky for 30 minutes. We didn’t see the sun from Jan, 12. But today, Jan, 22 the weather extremely worsened. The trio led by Nick Totmjanjn are ready for the work on the route”.One of the nine-member team, Vladimir Belous, has already been sent back after acquiring severe frost bite on his toe during the hurricane last week.  He had to descend to lower altitudes after losing his crampons.  Weather conditions have been predicted to remain turbulent for another two days before the climbers will hopefully find a weather window to forge ahead with their mission.  Meanwhile two other teams are working their way for the virgin winter ascent of the  Gasherbrum-1 also known as the Hidden peak or K-5. Temperatures at Concordia during the nights regularly plummets to -25 degrees Celsius, making it all the more difficult to survive the perilous conditions.