Winter Pakistan Expedition (News Update)

_ One day is better than other; in winter season every moment counts on the 8000ers. Climbers must push through all challenges before the storm builds up again.

Last week Simone and Denis managed to reach C3 on Nanga Parbat despite extreme cold, the Russians made 7,000m on K2, Artur Hajzer’s Polish team C1 on GI, and the international team pushed to an attitude of 6,000 meters on a route of their own before frostbite almost got to them.

The rush seems a good call. As per the forecasts the wind will pick up above 7000m starting tomorrow with increased snowfall mid week. Temperatures at height range 6500 – 7500 meters will range between 30 and 40 degrees below (F/C) excluding the wind chill.  (for further details please visit the article section).

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