Russian abandoned K2 Summit

PictureFull Moon

There is glum in the wind and sadness among the rocks.  After the fast transportation of Russian mountaineers out of K2 base camp, climbing on  the other peaks remains limited by high winds. Instead, fabulous imagery from Karakoram takes center stage.


Finally, yesterday Pakistani Army aviation managed to make their way to K2 Base Camp. The Russian team along with their gear and staff were airlifted to Paiju without any further dalay. Accompanying the remains of Vitaly Gorelik, the Russian climbers were then transported to Skardu and then to Islamabad today. 


Gerfried, Cedric, Darek, Tamara and Nisar spent Wednesday in C1. The tent was suspended on a narrow edge, thus climbers had to sleep tied in.

“As predicted by Charly Gabl the next day we had a wonderful sunrise and a cold but sunny, windless day,” Goschl  reported. Fixing of ropes up to 6650 meters was carried out by Goschl, while filming was done by Darek and Tamara. Alex and Carlos substituted them in the camp yesterday with plans to work their way up to 6,800m today.

 As per the latest reports C2 was set up on the normal route by the Polish team they were safely back in BC after completing the task.

Nanga Parbat
A huge landslide washed Nanga’s slopes at dawn yesterday leading to a beautiful morning for Denis and Simone. “At such bright sight, one can’t help feeling optimistic,” Si
mone wrote. As per the fresh forecast, there will be snowfall from tomorrow and hurricane on the peak, so a summit push is not possible at all. The Polish team had plans to place a  stockpile at 5,550m.

Full moon shots were photographed by Matteo in bitter cold (-23ºC), rarely visited in winter.

Check also out the team’s video from a previous acclimatization trip: