Polish out of Nanga


Teams  were shivering in BC over the weekend and it is getting colder day by day over in Pakistan: following the K2 Russians, now the Polish on Nanga Parbat are leaving premises.
Nanga Parbat

They say patience is the key to success, but Simone is getting impatient.

“Waiting, killing time, gathering patience, keeping the desire to climb Nanga Parbat, avoiding a thousand excuses to throw in the towel, resist the urge to be heroes (idiots) and go up at any price risking  beyond any reasonable limit..,” he fumed in his dispatch.

“Karl Gabl’s weather reports are not that encouraging,” Simone posted yesterday. “Tonight, the roar of the wind at high altitude has accompanied the sound of soft flakes of snow on the tent. We are resisting …. but we are also considering.” Denis looks at the bright side: “health and good feelings are still letting me hope for success,” he wrote.

The two climbers scouted up to C1 on the normal route this morning in case they need it on descent. Turns out the mountain is all theirs:

“Back in BC, we said good-bye to our Polish friends,” Denis wrote. “They went down to valley – their expedition is over.”


Gasherbrum I

The Spaniards, (Alex Txikon and Carlos Suarez) in Gerfried’s international team, have just returned after completing the task of fixing ropes to 6,700 meters – 100 meters below the target due to the unpredictable conditions. “Time flies,” Alex reflected. “It’s been a month since the expedition started!”

On the normal route, Camp 3 was created last Thursday by Polish Adam and Janusz before heading back to BC due to the storm.

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