Poles set for the unprecedented summit push for the first winter climb of Gasherbrum-1 in Pakistan

With just a short time span of one long weekend both K2 and Nanga Parbat teams abandoned their summit.   Messages are only flowing in from only peak left in the game.  The Polish Team on the normal route are ready for a push; while as per the International Team one  more round will be required.



The Polish team is all set to push for the summit in a few days to clinch the unprecedented winter climb of the Gasherbrum-1 in the Gasherbrum Massif, Karakorum, Pakistan.

The two competitors, the Poles and the International team led by Gerfried
Goschl, are locked in a fierce battle to summit the 8,080m peak for the first winter ascent and apparently Poles have now completed their final  acclimatisation drills and are heading for the final push for the summit. The International Team has still some considerable work to do to catch up the mighty Poles.


“Both the route and us are ready for the summit attempt,” the Polis team stated earlier this week. “We have already been 4 times on the mountain, established three camps and we consider the acclimatization process finished.”

The Transmitted Message Said:

“We have established camp 3 and we are ready for summit attempt. However, for 7 days we have been sitting in the base camp and we already know that weather conditions are going to be unfavourable for the next 7 days. Wind blows with 100 km/h at 7,000 m above sea level. Most likely the conditions will not change till the end of February. We have to arm ourselves with patience – it is not easy – and wait this situation through. If weather forecasts change, we will let you know”.


The Poles, accompanied by one of the local Mountaineer, Ali Sadpara, have survived some deadly descents from Camp-3 but all of them have remained unharmed. 

Adam Bielecki, Janusz Gołąb and Sadpara have accosted severe frostbites and are currently under treatment by the expedition Doctor. Adam reportedly also burned his toe from warming his foot over the stove.

Meanwhile Goschl has reported that the team still needs another round of acclimatisation before they will pitch for the final push. Karl Gable, the weather guru in Austria, has not given any encouraging news regarding the weather conditions in the coming week and the two teams will have to rely on the short weather windows they may come across.


Goschl’s team has been working on a new route on the giant peak. Alex Txikon’s home team mentioned that the Spaniards would try to carry some gear to C1 today.

“They won’t even try to spend the night there, weather conditions are too rough – they’ll just leave the stuff and run back to BC. That is, if they can reach C1 at all.”