Poles and International Team all set for the summit push for the first winter ascent of G-1 on Sunday Feb 26


The day of the supreme glory is closing in as the two teams buckle up for the final summit push on Gasherbrum-1 on Sunday, February 26. 

The sturdy Poles and the International team led by Gerfried Goschl have been wrestling inclement weather for the past almost two months and have now announced that they are all set for the summit push. 

Following the normal route to the summit, the Poles led by renowned Artur Hajzer, have already completed their acclimatisation drills a few days before hand but were held back by the full-force hurricanes in the dreaded Karakorum.

“The weather changed from bad to worse”, the Poles reported on February, 20.“Moreover, one of our porters, Ali Sadpara, has been eliminated from our operations due to the second-degree frostbites. Thus, Agnieszka has kicked in.  On 18th February, Agnieszka together with Shaheen Baig went with a deposit to camp 1 and returned on 19th February to the base camp. It was the last moment to do it, because on 20th February a hurricane is supposed to start. Wind speed at 6,000 m above sea level (and also in the base camp) is supposed to reach over 100 km/h and at 8,000 m above sea level even 160 km/h”.


Goschl and his team are attempting a new route on the G-1 and possibly follow the descent from another route on the south, thus pulling in one of the rarest feats, an ascent and a traverse of a 8000er for the first time in winters.

 But this would be anything than easy as it may sound. Karl Gable has predicted a small weather window on Sunday, amid fierce storms on the proceeding days. An ascent going wayward at any point of the summit push, can cause serious chances of causality which both teams have  successfully been able to avoid so far.

“If we finally go for the summit, Artur’s and my group will try to reach the top on the same day, and thus share the first ascent’s date,” Gerfried confirmed, “this is something we agreed on long ago”.


Janusz was reportedly dragged 20 ft by a violent gust while inside the sleeping bag in his tent. “Mine, on the contrary, is looking good and sustaining no damages,” Cedric Hahlen joked,  “Swiss Quality!”

 “I have never seen something like this,” said Gerfried. “Not even last winter, when we had some pretty strong storms. The only familiar with such a gale are Darek and Artur, veterans of seven winter expeditions!”

Stay tuned for the latest on the Gasherbrum-1 first winter ascent on  Pakistan-explorer.com.

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