Poles receive severe pounding by raging snow storm before finally leaving for the summit push of G-1 first winter ascent


The Poles have left for Camp-1 at 6400m on the Gasherbrum-1 for the final summit push of the 8,080m peak. The team comprising Adam, Artur, Janusz and Shaheen left the Base Camp early with the break of Dawn on Saturday, 25th and reached Camp-1 somewhere during the afternoon, safe and sound.

Agna is alone in the Base Camp for the moment and will be reporting and coordinating the teams bid for the final summit push, likely to happen on 28th midnight.


Agna reports from Base Camp, “Today at dawn the entire team, i.e. Adam, Artur, Janusz and Shaheen have left for camp 1 and reached it in the afternoon. Wind in camp 1 has been stronger than predicted in weather forecasts, however the guys have managed to put up a tent and they are going to spend a night there. Currently, all weather forecasts inform about a weather window on 28th February, however on 26th-27th February the wind is supposed to be strong. If the wind is not an obstacle in reaching camp 3 on 27th February, the teams plans to attack the summit on 28th February. The international team of Gerfried plans to set off tomorrow at dawn. The base camp becomes desolated again”.

The Polish team survived the worst of the poundings of the deadly Karakorum on February 22nd when they remained steadfast under a fierce snowstorm with wind speeds soaring to 200km/h. One of the tents was completely leveled while the mess tent encountered damage and Agna had to jump in for a neatly done sewing job to get it back in shape. The team reports that the intensity of the storm actually moved the MI17 helicopter wreck to some 20m.


Agna said, “Another highlight was a somersault performed by Janusz Gołąb and his tent – full turn in the air at a distance of 4 meters. It happened at 8:00 AM, right after waking up, Janusz was still in his sleeping bag. He performed the somersault with his entire tent. While landing with the tent, Janusz instinctively grabbed a big stone and saved himself from falling down from a moraine into glacier’s pocket”.  

Both International Team and the Poles have already decided to summit the peak in collaboration. If successful, this will be the first winter ascent of the Gasherbrum-1 also known as the “Hidden peak” in the Gasherbrum Massif and the second winter 8000er in Karakorum.