If anyone in Pakistan thinks “Sharbat Khan” and “Mohabbat Khan” are weird names to say the least, they should take a detour of the scenic Chitral valley and ask for the names of the Kalasha people living there. The Kalasha does probably have the weirdest names on earth. Named after the items and utensils of daily use, some of […]

Rehman Dheri is a pre-Harappan archaeological site, dated about 4000 BC situated 22 kilometers north of Dera Ismail Khan in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan. The site is considered to be one of the oldest urbanized centers found to date in South Asia. The low mound of this fortified town is visible from Bannu

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A high-powered delegation of Thailand, led by none other than the distinguished Royal Thai Princess Maha Chakkri Sirinthon herself, visited the ancient Buddhist remains at Taxila, Sirkap and Julian on Tuesday, March 20 to witness the grandeur and archaeological remains of the once thriving Buddhist civilization in this part of the region.  She was accompanied by Begum Shahnaz Wazir Ali,

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The search has been called off. Time has run out.  Three Ice Warriors have embraced a glorious end.  An end which has made them immortals in the annals of history. An end which has epitomised their struggle to explore, dream, endeavour and discover.  They wrestled against the vows of nature, well-aware of the risks involved. These warriors must have

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Helicopter in K2’s BC. courtesy K2 winter Russian expedition Pakistan Explorer regret to inform the whole  climber community that the SAR (search and rescue operation) has been called off and Gerfried Goeschl’s brother Wolfgang Goeschl was also in agreement to this, as after extensive SAR efforts, no track of Gerfried Goeschl, Cedric Hahlen, and Nissar (Hussain) Sadpara were

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Throngs of Pakistani climbers have joined in the efforts to reinforce the Search and Rescue (SAR) operations on the Gasherbrum-1 in an attempt to rescue the three missing climbers of the International team.  The Polish team is still in the Base Camp on the north side and Shaheen Baig, one of the High Altitude Porter and climbing mate of the

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Agna Hopes are fading with each passing hour as Search and Rescue Operations have not kicked in as yet because of the prevailing bad weather. It is now more than 90 hours that the climbers Gerfried Goschl, Nisar Hussain and Cedric Hahlen have gone missing on the 8,068meters Gahserbrum-1 and they have made no contact

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It has been more than 36 hours and there has been no sign of the International Team members Gerfried Goschl, Nisar Hussain and Cedric Hahlen who set out to summit the Gasherbrum-1 some three days ago. Search and Rescue (SAR) operations are now reinforced by the Pakistan Millitary Choppers accompanied by three  renowned Pakistani climbers,

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Perseverance has finally paid off.  Poles have clinched yet another winter summit, battling the gruesome Karakorum and have emerged the conquerors of the latest 8000er, Gasherbrum-1 in Pakistan.  On 9th March 2012, approximately at 8:30 AM local time, Adam Bielecki and Janusz Gołąb reached the top of the 8,080m peak,  pulling another feather in the already blistering

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