Gerfried Goschl and the International team vows to take down Gasherbrum-1 next week for the first winter ascent


Both teams are recuperating from the horrendous summit push that left them exhausted and stricken and are now bracing themselves for another daring attempt on the 8,080m Gasherbrum-1 for the first winter ascent.

 Poles led by renowned Artur Hajzer on the north face and the International team led by Gerfried Goschl, locked up on the south, are hoping to utilise the next weather window, likely to be encountered after March 4.

Meteorologist Karl Gable in Austria has warned of another deadly storm brewing on this weekend and both teams have decided to stay put for the moment.

Goschl and his team, pitched in an attempt to scale the peak from a new route and also accomplish first winter ascent and traverse, is brimming with confidence and is hoping that their charted new route will be a blistering success.


“I sit here with mixed feelings here in BC.” a dejected Goschl texted.  “I am disappointed that we could not ascend further, that I cannot even go back now to my family, my girls.  But on the other hand, I’m glad that everyone is safely back at base camp, the wall after 38 days and 8 ascents (alone this winter) finally climb through that route to the summit is open, that I with Cedric and Nisar I have two congenial, very social and extremely strong partner at my side, that the chance of our lives on a large project to complete”.

 Goschl along with his fellow Pakistani and Spanish climbers will make another attempt to scale the mighty 8000er for the first winter ascent in the coming week. This will be the last of the winter attempts for any of the teams on G-1 as both teams have already exhausted designated time to scale a 8000er in winters. Their motivation, however, remains unbroken.

“Here we are now focusing all her for the next storm front, which again on 4 and 5 March will take over our camp.” Goschl further added.  “But who knows, maybe does already in connection to a weather window! Maybe we are the mountains and the weather finally have a real chance for a summit ascent! Our motivation remains unbroken!”