Gerfried, Hussain, Hahlen still missing on Gasherbrum-1 after 36 hours as the Search and Rescue Operations continue


It has been more than 36 hours and there has been no sign of the International Team members Gerfried Goschl, Nisar Hussain and Cedric Hahlen who set out to summit the Gasherbrum-1 some three days ago. Search and Rescue (SAR) operations are now reinforced by the Pakistan Millitary Choppers accompanied by three  renowned Pakistani climbers, Hassan Sadpara (Mount Everest Summiteer), Ali Raza Sadpara and Nazir Sadpara who will aid the other rescue climbers.

For the moment, however, the flights have been  grounded for an unknown period of time as the mighty Karakorum is bracing another fierce storm.

Goschl and his teamates started off their second summit push some three days ago, following a new route on the south side of the 8.068 meters peak. Gerfried had already seen the route and has been on top of the mountain in the summers and is apparently well aware of the directions on G-1. Hussain, on the other hand, has climbed the peak several times and knows the route like the back of his hand.


There is still hope that the climbers might have  bivouaced somewhere and are waiting for a rescue mission. In case alive. The team must be facing severe frostbite and Hypothermia at the moment.

“The skies were clear early in the morning today, when we asked for the choppers,” Alex said over sat phone. “I am concerned now, since it’s already noon and the clouds are piling up again.”

Meanwhile, Polish team is less concerned with all the praise which has been pouirng in from all over the world over their historic feat of conquering the G-1 for the first time in winters. They are with the International team in the Base Camp on the south side and helping in whatever way they can to support the SAR operations.

“We are met in BC, managing the current emergency situation,” Polish team leader Artur Hajzer said on Sat-Phone yesterday. “There is not much we can do now, though, due to very bad weather. We don’t even know on which side of the mountain they may be,” Artur added.

The trio were last seen some 300metres short of the peak by one of the Polish climbers some three days ago. there has been no report of any of the team members since then.