Pakistani climbers join rescue efforts to recover the missing mountaineers on Gasherbrum-1


Throngs of Pakistani climbers have joined in the efforts to reinforce the Search and Rescue (SAR) operations on the Gasherbrum-1 in an attempt to rescue the three missing climbers of the International team. 

The Polish team is still in the Base Camp on the north side and Shaheen Baig, one of the High Altitude Porter and climbing mate of the Poles has already reached the Camp-1 on the north. He is accompanied by Abbas, another experienced climber from Pakistan, originally hired as the kitchen team by the Poles. 

Rescue choppers provided by the Pakistan Military are still grounded as they pilots wait for the favourable weather window and make a quick deposit on Camp-2, at 6000meters (the maximum approximate height choppers can reach).

Polish team leader Artur Hajzer, although having mild frostbite, is monitoring the rescue efforts and said, “Shaheen and Abbas should continue tomorrow further up to C2, weather permitting”.


Meanwhile, another contingent of three renowned Pakistani climbers, Hassan Sadpara (Mount Everest Summiteer), Ali Raza Sadpara and Nazir Sadpara are also waiting for the weather to clear up so they can start off from Camp-2. 

The three missing climbers Gerfried Goschl (Austria), Cedric Hahlen (Swiss) and Nisar Hussain (Pakistan) are missing on the 8,068 meters peak since Friday, March 9. For the  moment, none of the rescue team members are hopeful of finding anyone alive as it has been more than five days.

 Artur added, “As you know – Goschl’s team is
missing. We help in organizing the search, but we fear the worst. The team was on the summit cone on 9th March at midday, when the weather hell broke loose”.

The SAR operations are now only an attempt to find the remains of the unfortunate climbing team. Earlier, there were strong hopes that the presence of Hussain in the team can possibly help them find a suitable bivouac where the team can wait for a rescue team. Hussain, working as HAP and a close friend of Goschl since 2003, has been on top of the G-1 several times.

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  1. This was a fantastic thing you did. To help the people who are in need is a very good policy.

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