Gasherbrum 1 – search and rescue operation called off – no tracks of climbers.

PictureHelicopter in K2’s BC. courtesy K2 winter Russian expedition

Pakistan Explorer regret to inform the whole  climber community that the SAR (search and rescue operation) has been called off and Gerfried Goeschl’s brother Wolfgang Goeschl was also in agreement to this, as after extensive SAR efforts, no track of Gerfried Goeschl, Cedric Hahlen, and Nissar (Hussain) Sadpara were found.  The choppers made a search flight and reached up to a height of 7000m in an effort to search the plateau between 7000m and 7400m, which was climbed by the International Team (reported by Artur  Hajzer).  Also,  Hajzer along with his team members observed the choppers carrying out the SAR operation from the BC.  A small memorial ceremony was carried out and Hajzer, Agnieszka Bielecka, frostbitten Alex Txicon and  Darek Zaluski have started packing-up to depart the BC.  The other team members (Adam Bielecki, Janusz Golab and Tamara Stys) have already left the BC (for a detailed report please check back with us again).

We (team of Pakistan Explorer) send our condolences to the climber’s families and the climber community over the irreparable and grievous loss.


GI BC on a sunny day. Image by Agnieszka Bielecka, courtesy Polish winter GI expedition 2012

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