K-2 to get Lion’s share of the climbing expeditions in Pakistan this summer

Season is finally warming up for the summer expeditions in the rigid Karakorum as no less than two dozen expeditions and several renowned climbers are now heading to the mountainous region of the western Himalayas and Karakorum.

As the Monsoon kicks in, the expeditions on the Everest, Dhaulagiri and Shishapangma will now be off-limits for the sturdy climbers for the moment and their schedule will now be finally moving to the Pakistani 8000ers which will be basking in sunlight for another three months. 

The Pakistani List of Expeditions has now been finalised and though no new routes have been sighted so far, K-2 will be getting the lions share with most of the  expeditions pitched to climb the “Savage Mountain”.

Following is the list of climbers and expeditions set to conquer the invincible K-2 in the current season.

K2, South East Ridge (Abruzzi)

1.  Canadian Al Hancock will be making his first attempt of the K-2 and will be accompanied by a diligent team of climbers who will be eager to take down the 8,611m peak in the remote Karakorum. Hancock has a strong resume and has climbed all the seven highest peaks in seven continents throughout the world and is only the 13thCanadian to achieve the accolade.

2.  Peter Guggemos will also be making an attempt via the Abruzzi Ridge along with another team of climbers. 

3.  Czech-Slovakian Expedition headed by Peter Hamor teaming up with Pavel Bern and Tomas Petrik will be landing in the Base Camp on Godwin Austin Glacier, also hoping to reach the summit via the Abruzzi Ridge.

4.  Hong-Bin Kim heads off to K2 for his Expedition of Hope Creation and the expedition is likely to kick off in the first week of June this year. 

5.  Another Korean expedition titled “2012 Korea Expressway Corporation K2 Expedition” will be headed by Mi-Gon Kim and will pitch their attempt in the first week of July.

6.  French born, Sophie Denis will also be in the Base Camp for her attempt to scale the gigantic rock structure. A Banking professional, Denis left her successful career leading a world-renowned bank as the Vice President and is now a full-scale mountaineer at the moment. 

7.  Russian/Iranian/Danish K2 Expedition led by Oxana Morneva will be another expedition led by a female and  are likely to start off their attempt in the first week of June. 

8.  Santiago Quintero and Carlos Wilke will be returning to climb K-2 and will start off in first week of June.

9.  Gia Tortladze and Iranian climber Azim Gheychisaz will also be part of the aspiring climbers who will be hoping to reach the summit of the second highest mountain in the world. 

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Sphie Dennis