“The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”: Swede Annelli Wester to spend a night on top of Gasherbrum-1  


Disabilities may be a matter of concern for some who go through the various discrepancies in life in attempts to coup with the disadvantages and discrimination.

For Swede Anneli Wester, her handicap of living with just four fingers on the right hand have given a new meaning to life. After spending a night at the top of Muztagh Atta, the highest mountain on the Chinese side of Karakorum, Wester is all set to spend a night on top of Gasherbrum-1, a feat which remains unprecendented in the history of mountain climbing.

Wester had a troubled past when she had to go through child abuse and a broken family saga and in a failed attempt of trying to kill herself, Wester suffered colossal injuries on both hands and was deprived of all the fingers on the left hand.


She graudally pulled herself together from the ordeal and spend seven years couping up with the mental trauma she had to go through. with a Masters degree in Law, Wester soon realised the fake surroundings and illicit drama of the corporate world and decided to pursue a career in Hard Climbing, fighting her  handicaps.

She has now landed in Pakistan and after spending a few days in the siltering weather of Pakistani Capital, she is now in Skardu,  organising her gear for the mindless feat.


Elaborating the reasons behind her decision to be the first climber to spend the night on top of an 8000er, Wester said:

“It actually started by focusing on possibilities for me to climb a mountain. I used to have very poor legs and I couldn’t walk long distances. I had to shorten the distance between camps, and also between high camp and the summit. It was also a matter of safety, there is a lot of theft in the mountains and I was afraid someone would steel my gear if I left it in the tent when going for the summit.
So one day I started to play with the thought of carrying everything up with me and it didn’t take long until I realized this is the way to do it”.


sharing some insights about her troubled past, Wester said:

“I had been trough bad abuse when growing up, and my mum was a bit of a broken soul, and my reaction to this was to hurt myself. I burned my self so badly that I have lost 6 fingers. Mistreatment from the health care made it even worse. After seven years I started my struggle back to life. I was in a terrible condition, both physically and mentally and every day was a battle. As I said, I’m very creative and have now put all my energy and focus on life. Slowly, slowly I have  found ways to cope. It’s a miracle that I survived those years, but it’s an even greater miracle where in life I’m today. I use the same methods in climbing, or whatever I do out there, as I did returning back to life. I’m still disabled in many ways, both physically and mentally, but focusing on possibilities and what I can do instead of what I can’t do it seems to me like there are no limits out there”.

Pakistan Explorer (www.pakistan-explorer.com) wish her all the best in her meteroic endeavour. Good luck Anneli!