season warms up at Nanga Parbat and G-1 as Louis Rousseau sets out to find the truth about the Gerfried Goschl and gang


The climbing season in the Karakorums and on the Nanga Parbat is not yet in full swing and the mountaineers are stacking up their efforts to climb the Pakistani 8000ers in th current season.
Louis Roussea who is atempting the Gasherbrum-1 from the same route followed by the fateless winter expedition of Gerfried Goschl and his two other team mates. Goschl and his team never made it back to the base camp and despite of hectic search by Pakistani athorities, their bodies were never recovered.


Rousseau hopes to find out as to exactly what happened to the three team members namely Swiss Goschl, Pakistani Nasir Hussain and American Cory Richards. Rousseau will be scaling the peak from the south end and will trespass the mountain climbing down via the normal route on the north. The expedition members include Jacob, Louis, Rob and Annalisa.

Gasherbrums are reputedly easy climbs; not so says Rob:

“The trip up to Camp 1 was an ordeal!” he reports. “We left at 2 am or so but ran into terrible conditions once again in the icefall.”


“It has been unusually warm, which does not allow for the snow to properly harden over night. We were postholing about every other step–this decreased our speed dramatically and also multiplied the effort 2-4x. We made it through the major portion of the icefall in 6-7 hours–it should normally take half that time.”

Meanwhile, the two expeditions on Nanga Parbat are still underway and the Mazeno team is finally edging up towards the peak after a week long climbing sessions. They have descended from Camp-3 and are hoping to touch the peak sometime soon.
Romanian Zsolt Torok who was scaling the 8,125m peak via the Diamir Face, has decided to buy time afer he was hit by a 300m avalanche on the deadly peak and barely survived the mayhem.

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