South African Cathy O’Dowd and her team all set to climb the Mazeno Ridge enroute to Nanga Parbat summit


Cathy O’ Dawd and her team of sturdy climbers have failed to take down the formidable Mazeno Ridge on the Nanga Parbat and will be making yet another attempt to scale the Ridge and climb down via the Diamir Face.

Considered one of the longest Ridges on any of the 8000ers in the world, Mazeno Ridge consists of some eight 7000ers on it and has never been climbed all the way to the summit before.


Cathy reported the weather is not ideal, the probable summit days are in a period of high wind. 

“If all goes to plan – a big if – we will descend down the Diamir face, on the other side of the Mazeno ridge,” she wrote.


An inspirational speaker, Author and climber, Cathy was the first woman to climb the Everest from both North and the South end. She comes in with tons of climbing experience on her belt and has always dreamed of traversing the Mazeno Ridge, never been attempted before. 

Cathy further explained, “If all goes to plan – a big if – we will descend down the Diamir face, on the other side of the Mazeno ridge. This is the safest of the various ways down, and is the route Rick and Sandy climbed in 2009. We’ll then walk out to the nearest road. Our base camp will be dismantled in our absence, once they receive word of our final plan. So we’ve spent today packing up all our personal things”.


If encountering problems on the first half of the ridge, before Mazeno Peak, the climbers will retrace their steps. For there on going backwards is very difficult and the plan then is to push on to the shoulder and descend via a traverse onto the Diamir face. The ridge is not fixed, there are no fixed camps and the climbers use no supplementary oxygen.

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