Cathy O’Dowd succumbs to the notorious Nanga Parbat: Abandons expedition while the rest still on trail


Confused, disgruntled and weary, Cathy O’ Dowd decided to abandon the expedition on the Mazeno Ridge on Nanga Parbat and is now descending from a height of 7,950m, a few hundred meters short of the peak.

Confusion stepped in on Wednesday, July 11 when Cathy’s Twitter message was wrongly translated from Catalan. The message read: 

“Summit! NP climbed via Mazeno ridge for 1sttime. We did it!!”

Later, however, Cathy’s associates apologized for the wrongly interpreted message as the tweeted location of Cathy and her team marked a spot almost 1000m away from the summit.

 The same day Cathy tweeted again saying:

“Now most successful Mazeno exp ever, only team to finish ridge & climb on up peak. V tired & high winds coming so summit not inevitable”. 


The subsequent tweets later confirmed that the team has now completed their climb on the Mazeno Ridge but have not scaled the peak as yet.

 The team comprising of Sandy Allan, Rick Allen two Nepali Sherpas and Cathy herself have been trudging on the longest Ridge on any 8000er in the world for consecutive 11 days and were now short of supplies to carry on with the mission. 

Continuous snow fall and unpredictable weather also hampered the progress of the expedition. As if this was not enough, two f the Nepali Sherpas accompanying the expedition mistakenly took the wrong path leading to strenuous climb for no reason. 

For the moment, Cathy has abandoned the mission and will be returning to the Base Camp via the Diamir Face.


“It’s over for me, not in the triumphant way. Left high camp 1am turned round 7am, too tired cold windy. 11th day since we left BC”.

She added, “The new route isn’t yet lost: Rick Sandy Rangduk Zarok all still climbing – tough bastards the lot but all tired, & the wind still blows”.

The first woman to climb the Everest from both North and South, Cathy had been contemplating to take the ninth Highest and the second deadliest mountain in the world in a fashion never undertaken before. 

The Mazeno Ridge, considered as the longest Ridge on any of the 8000ers in the world, has never been climbed all the way to the summit standing at an elevation of 8,125m above sea level. 

The ridge is known to have no fewer than eight 7000ers in its lap.