Nanga Parbat wins yet again: Romanian Zsolt Torok abandons summit bid after consecutive failures


The “Killer Mountain” has now pulled in a hat-trick as Romanian Zsolt Torok who was attempting to scale the mountain from the Daimir side, has now abandoned the mission, marking third unsuccessful expedition on Nanga Parbat in eight months. 

Following consecutive failures to climb the mountain from the infamous Diamir Face where he barely escaped a 300m Avalanche and had to bivouac at 5900m, Torok finally decided to abandon the expedition in wake of bleak weather reports for next two weeks.


Earlier on Wednesday, July 11, South African Cathy O’Dowd who was attempting the summit via the Mazeno Ridge for the first time in the history, also succumbed to the unflinching giant, who denied access to its peak. 

Cathy and her team Rick Allen and Sandy Allen and two Nepali Sherpas were trudging along the Ridge for continuous eight days and were now short of supplies.


Going a further four months back, Italian climbing legend Simone Moro and his climbing partner Cory Richards who were hoping to bag the first winter assent of the Nanga Parbat returned empty handed, after consecutive attempts to scale the summit. 

Torok, who was also part of the K-2 Romanian Expedition in 2010, was accompanied by two American climbers but waned to scale the summit in a solo run. Torok insists he will return next year to fulfill his dream.