Iranians summit the Nameless Tower of the Trango group, gate-crashing into the elite nations of hard climbing


Iranian Big Wall Climbers pulled in a meteoric effort to scale one of the Granite Spires of the Trango Towers, also known as the Nameless Tower, thus becoming a handful of climbers and mountaineers in the Karakorum this year to summit a peak. 

The team comprising of Hasan Gerami , Hosein Bolandakhtar , Abbas Mohamadi, Sed Saed Najafi, Mojtaba Saghafi , Saeid Mahmoodi, Hamid Shafaghi, Mehdi Farhadi, Ali Karimi, Pejman Zaafari, Farshad Meyjooji and Hamid Amiri started the expedition on June 7, 2012, in Islamabad, Pakistan and finally managed to reach the 6200m Granite tower on July 14th at around 3-4 pm local time. They later successfully descended to the famous Sun Ledge of the tower.


The achievement is being considered as a watershed in the history of hard climbing in Iran and the mode has been that of fiesta and celebration. 

The Nameless Tower which soars to 6200m starting from a low of 1200m, required colossal hard climb with a maximum of difficulty level. Out of the eight most followed routes on the tower, the Iranians followed the Slovenian Route, pulling in the feat neatly and within the schedule.


Nameless Tower was first successfully climbed in the year  1976 by the legendary
British climber Joe Brown, along with Mo Anthoine, Martin Boysen, and Malcolm
One notable route is Eternal Flame (named after a Bangles album), first climbed on 20 September 1989 by Kurt Albert and Wolfgang Güllich. This route ascends the South-East Face of the Tower, and was climbed almost entirely free (in stages, using fixed ropes to return to a base each night). This helped inaugurate an era of pure rock-climbing techniques and aesthetics on high-altitude peaks.

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