Unstoppable Poles summit the notorious K-2 alongside some 28 climbers, marking the most crowded ascent of K-2 in a single day


The formidable K-2 has finally succumbed to the relentless and ceaseless efforts of one of the strong climbing expedition, and some 28 climbers from assorted group of expeditions were able to summit the second highest mountain in the world in the early hours of July 31. 

This marks the first successful ascent on K-2 this year after the sad demise of Vitali Gorelik from Russia who was part of the Russian Winter K-2 Expedition.  This also marks the most crowded ascent in a single day on the otherwise notorious K-2 which is known for its fury and deathly pitfalls for the climbers.


Leading from the front, was none other than Artur Hajzer of Poland who has probably  found a penchant for the dreaded Karakorum. He was part of the four-member expedition who summited the Gasherbrum-1 (Hidden Peak) in March this year for the first winter ascent of the 8,047 m peak.

Following in his footsteps right behind, was the flamboyant Adam Bielecki who was also part of the G-1 Winter Expedition, forging further prestige to the already blistering cap of Polish Mountaineering. They were closely followed by Iranian Azim Ghaychesaz at 10.30 am and Austrian Christian Stangl and Spanish Oscar Cadiach
at 5 pm.

The sturdy Polish group has bagged in some high value peaks in the recent years including Makalu the fifth Highest Mountain in the World in Nepal standing at 8,481m. They flew down to Pakistan in December 2011 and started off their attempt to scale the G-1 for the first time in winter. They were challenged by Swiss Gerfried Goschl and his team on the south who never returned to their Base Camp. Artur, Adam, Agna, Janusz
and Shaheen successfully scaled the peak from the North. They will be returning to bag the Broad Peak for the first winter ascent later this year.


Some 30 climbers have managed to successfully scale the second highest mountain in the world this year and six of them have done it without supplementary oxygen. 

Many of the climbers have noted unusual high amount of snow in the mighty Karakorum this year and several expeditions have either returned empty handed or have suffered consecutive failures until now.

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