Razzaq Vance’s photographic exhibition opens in Alhamra Art Gallery Lahore


Considered as one of the finest landscape artist in the country, Razzaq Vance’s Photographic exhibition opened in the coveted Alhambra Art Gallery in Lahore Pakistan, portraying some of the phenomenal work of the Photographic-artist under the title ‘The Living Land’.

This is one of the first solo exhibitions of Vance depicting the rural life and culture of the country along with his renowned works in landscape photography. A Teacher by profession, Vance is an Associate Professor in Samundri, Faisalabad and has been teaching Zoology for a considerable period of time. An MPhil in Zoology, Vance has done research on Spiders for his final year thesis.


Vance has ventured in the far corners of the country to shoot some of the splendid places never witnessed before. A National Geographic stock photographer, Vance has won several accolades including two Gold medals in “International Photographic Salon of Japan” and has been published in “Digital Photographer” magazine-Ukrainian edition, as expert on photography in the East.

“The basic aim of my exhibition is to highlight the landscape and village culture of Pakistan, I want to express my resolve through my exhibition that despite all odds we are going through we are an alive nation and we have a rich and vibrant culture,” Vance said.


The 70 photographs on display were reflective of not only geographical and cultural variety the country is blessed with but they remind one of faraway lands, the mystery and adventure of those places as well. The passions and feelings of people and the moments of dancing light were beautifully captured.

The first day of the exhibition witnessed encouraging turn out of the spectators which included both students and lovers of photography.

The exhibition will be last till the September 15th from 9.00am to 6.00pm.

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  1. I have got a variety of photos and clicks. I spend lots of time while shooting the landscape and other spots, but it is very nice to have them at one place. This information is very useful for me. Next time surely I will get it and take pictures from different angles. keep update this blog, is more useful.

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  3. A Teacher by profession, Vance is an Associate Professor in Samundri, Faisalabad and has been teaching Zoology for a considerable period of time.

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  5. Really awesome clicks! Most of the photographers fix some polarized filters on their camera for better clarity and accuracy. Try to take pictures from difficult angles in order to become a professional photographer. Expecting few more clicks in the future!