“Concordia Rescue Team” training course concludes churning out 11 highly trained rescuers for the rugged Karakorum


Concordia Rescue Team training course concluded on Thursday, October the 18th, where a dozen mountaineers, High Altitude Porters and Rescue personals were imparted training in altitude rescue in Skardu.

The venture was initiated by the joint collaboration of EvK2Cnr and the Karakorum International University and was held from October the 8th to 18th. The course was designed by the Alpine Club of Pakistan ACP and was funded and executed under the auspices of SEED (Social, Economic and Environmental Development Program) by the Italian Government.


Renowned Italian Alpine guides were flown in to impart training to some of the better known trainers and teachers in the local mountaineering schools in Pakistan. Michele Cucchi and Maurizio Gallo conducted the course, inculcating the modern techniques of Crevasse Rescue, Uphill, Downhill, Mountaineering skills, and other safety procedure.

Rescue, evaluation and communication of emergency were also essential parts of the training program.

The closing ceremony was presided by the Minister of Development of the region of Gilgit-Baltistan Raja Azam Khan, Akbar Tawan, head of the Pakistan Muslim League, alpinist and Amjad Ali Hassan Sadpara , representing the Karakorum International University. The guests lauded the contribution EvK2Cnr has made to the local community, empowering the people and uplifting the living standards in the region for over a span of 20 years.

The 11 mountaineers and High Altitude Rescue personals who attended the training includedRozi Ali, Ghulam Nabi, Hassan Ali Rustam and Mahamad for EvK2Cnr, Aziz Khan Khan Shambi for Samshal Mountain Guides, Shaber Ghulam Raza Bagrote, student of the FAC, Muhammad Ahmed Khan for Balti yul mountain school. Then again Muhammad Iqbal, Muhammad Hussain, Ghulam Abbas Mohmmad for Emergency Rescue Service (1122) to Skardu, Ibrahim Khalil Ahmed for KCP, Kazim Ali Shar Sadpara for the ACP and Muhammad Shafi, Muhammad Shafa for Sumayar.


ACP along with the coordination of EvK2Cnr has conducted several successful expeditions to collect the human waste and garbage from the Concordia and Baltoro region. This year alone, the “Keep Baltoro Clean” expedition collected no less than eight tons of waste from one of the longest glaciers on earth and brought it down to Skardu.

The collaboration has worked well over the past few years, collecting a colossal 40 tons of waste in all this time.

Keep Baltoro Clean