Teams  were shivering in BC over the weekend and it is getting colder day by day over in Pakistan: following the K2 Russians, now the Polish on Nanga Parbat are leaving premises. Nanga Parbat They say patience is the key to success, but Simone is getting impatient. “Waiting, killing time, gathering patience, keeping the desire to climb Nanga Parbat, […]

Full Moon There is glum in the wind and sadness among the rocks.  After the fast transportation of Russian mountaineers out of K2 base camp, climbing on  the other peaks remains limited by high winds. Instead, fabulous imagery from Karakoram takes center stage. K2 Finally, yesterday Pakistani Army aviation managed to make their way to K2 Base Camp.

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Details have now been coming in about the tragic death of Russian veteran climber Vitaly Gorelik which ultimately forced the Russian National Winter K-2 Expedition to abandon the mission of climbing the “Savage  Mountain” in the dead of winter.  Gorelik had vast experience of high  altitude hard climbing and had already done several of the 8000ers, both

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One of the second biggest fresh water resources of Sindh, the Haleji Lake, is fast turning into a pool of stagnant saline water, severely threatening the ecology of the region and the whole province. A vibrant bird sanctuary just a decade ago, has succumbed to the massive negligence on part of successive governments and what once was a major

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The deadly K-2 has struck yet again, claiming another victim, Vitaly Gorelik of the Russian K-2 Winter Expedition and the attempt has been called off altogether. Known for their resilience and immense mental strenght, the gigantic Russian team better known as the “Ice Warriors” have been forced to abandon the attempt to tame the mighty K-2

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The word Karakorum is a Turkish word which stands for “black rubble”. K-2 traces back its creation in the last of the Orogenic Movements (mountain building movement) some 300 million years ago. The Karakorum Range isbelieved to have buckled up and overthurst on the face of Earth when the  free-floating Indian plate collided against the pre-existing Eurasian

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Russian National Team Expedition for K-2 First Winter Ascent, have now successfully reached 7,200m amid fierce weather and wind speeds soaring to Hurricane levels. The team will now be picthed in the most difficult climbing area better known as the ” Death Valley” on K-2. They have already gone past the Black Pyramid and will gradually climb their way

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Denis Urubko at Nanga Parbat The GII summiteers were a dream team, and now they are back for more. With four winter firsts, only late Polish legend Kukuczka is ahead of Italian Simone Moro. Russian-born Denis Urubko is probably the greatest active mountaineer today. Legendary weather-guru Karl Gabl is back at the weather maps. So how is it going

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