Initiated in the yester years of thriving tourism culture in the country especially in the then North West Frontier Province, Khyber Train Safari remained the centre of attraction of major chunk of the tourists who thronged the country in the 80’s.  Plying on the railway track built by the ruling East India Company, in Colonial India, the very first journey was […]

Archaeologists are resuming excavation at historic Gor Khatri monument to discover the exact archaeological profile of ancient Peshawar, presently enjoying the distinction of oldest living city in South Asia. A recent archaeology excavation at Gor Khatri has established the city’s historical profile and now Peshawar is officially claimed by Archaeology Department to be the ‘Oldest

The Oldest inhabited city of South Asia: Excavations underway at the historic Gor Khattri in PeshawarRead More »

Both teams are recuperating from the horrendous summit push that left them exhausted and stricken and are now bracing themselves for another daring attempt on the 8,080m Gasherbrum-1 for the first winter ascent.  Poles led by renowned Artur Hajzer on the north face and the International team led by Gerfried Goschl, locked up on the south, are hoping to utilise

Gerfried Goschl and the International team vows to take down Gasherbrum-1 next week for the first winter ascentRead More »