Italian Daniele Nardi celebrates New Year with young Islooites before reaching Nanga Parbat Base Camp


Landing at the bleak and unimpressive Islamabad International and starting off a journey on the dusty Karakorum Highway, crisscrossing the traditional bazaars of Northern Pakistan, it must come as a forewarning of the gigantic surprises which awaits the aspiring mountaineers heading up north. 

The journey, which is in total contrast to the bustling mega airports and cities around the world, proves to be a prelude of the monsters that stand tall in the rugged Karakorums, waiting and calling the ambitious climbers from all over the world.

Italian Danielle Nardi, may not have been a stranger to all this as he revisits the country to conquer the mighty Nanga Parbat in the dead of winters, still he is making sure to get a taste of all that rests in the foot of the 8,125 m peak, often considered as one of the deadliest in climbing circle.

Nardi landed at Islamabad International soon after the festivities of Christmas and celebrated his New Year night among the young Islooites in the streets, a little bedazzled but a lot bewildered to find out that the New Year can be a matter of celebration among the young Pakistanis.


Treading the treacherous Karakorum Highway, the team comprising of Fredrico-the cameraman for the climb, Frenchwoman Elisabeth and Nardi along with their logistics guide Ali Muhammad, reached the Base Camp via Chilas.

The team is experiencing extreme cold weather at the deserted Base Camp for the moment and is hoping to engage warmer weather in a few days.

“We are at the base camp and its cold absurd. We arrived yesterday and ran to mount the first tents, the table and the kitchen. This night we slept in our tent with 13 degrees below zero to 20 below zero grazed out and I do not think we are at the peak negative aspect of our research of suffering. In the coming days I hope we will be able to run the “warmer” to raise the temperature a little.” said Nardi.

He further added that the team is only able to get two hours of sunshine when they get a chance to recharge their batteries. For the moment, Nardi and team is settling down for the acclimatisation rigors that they have planned for the days ahead.

“The emotions that are difficult to describe, again here in front of this majestic mountains, watch continuously to browse for something familiar, retrace projects designed, comparing them with those who are our capabilities here to see if they are really applicable or only theory . Two carriers have left this morning to the town of Chilas below. He added.


Nardi also spoke of the good times he have had with the locals.

“Here are the mountains I want to climb and people are so personable, friendly and work together in these strange Western lead up to their peaks. I wonder if one day they realize truly the wealth of history that we are leaving to climb. Sooner or later they too will be ready to make the history of, for now it’s our turn to win the useless. Inshallah”.