Wischnewski fixing his Kerosene stove It is now more than evident that French solo climber Joel Wischnewski was more on a suicide mission than a solo attempt of the deadly Nanga Parbat in the middle of the dreaded winters in the Pakistani Himalayas.  The rescue team organised and executed by his agency has been scouring […]

Dragging through the unforgiving Pamir Welcome to the land of the Afghan- Kyrgyz nomads, some 1200 people living in one of the harshest regions, in the world. Marred by the regional tensions dating as far back as 150 years, these people were part of the larger population which treaded the legendary silk route from Tajikistan

The Afghan-Kyrgyz nomads of the Wakhan Corridor: Retracing the legendary “Silk Route” of modern-day PakistanRead More »

Alex and Jose return to Camp-2 ​Pakistan’s rugged Karakorums may have denied a 8000er ascent this year but all has not gone in vain. Alex Txikon and Jose Fernandez have recorded the first winter ascent of the Laila Peak, when they finally made it to the summit of the 6,097m high in the late hours

FINALLY THERE’S A SUMMIT! Alex Txikon and Jose Fernandez make it to the top for the first winter ascent of the Laila PeakRead More »

This year’s most experienced mountaineering team, the Polish Broad Peak Winter Expedition for this year, have now retreated but insist that they have not abandoned the mission as yet. Led by the winter specialist Krzysztof Wielicki, the team has been gaining altitude for the past several days, making deposits and establishing camps along the way

Polish summit push halted in wake of the unpredictable weather forecast at Broad Peak Read More »

Deposit at C-2 shreded by a hungry Ibex Apparently another mountaineer has succumbed to the merciless heights of the treacherous Nanga Parbat and reports are coming in that a rescue operation has been underway in search of the French High-Altitude snowboarder and climber Joel Wischnewski.  The solo climber was out to attempt the dreaded Rupal

French mountaineer and solo climber Joel Wischnewski goes missing on the Rupal Face of the deadly Nanga ParbatRead More »

The polish attempt of the Broad Peak is taking final shape as the team is gradually closing in on the 8051 m peak which has never been scaled in winters before. Under the supervision of the renowned Krzysztof Wielicki, the team is edging up the rugged peak slowly but surely.  According to the last reports

“THE ATTEMPT HAS BEGUN!” says the official Polish Mountaineering website for the first winter ascent of Broad PeakRead More »

Cats are not just elusive but remain the hardest creatures to trace in the wilderness. Pakistan’s dense forests in the North and North West are home of some of the rare and endangered species in the world. The wildlife statistics and data available with the regional wildlife departments is not just inadequate but come with

One of the near threatened species at the IUCN Red List, The Himalayan Lynx spotted in ChitralRead More »