Summit push in progress! Poles soon to become the first nation to step on the 8,051m Broad Peak for the first time in winters

The defining moment has come for the resilient Poles who have been battering the tough conditions in the rugged Karakorums for more than two months now. After a heart-breaking retreat last month, Poles are now climbing for the final summit push which is likely to happen sometime in the early hours of March 5th. 

PictureBroad Peak seen from NW, from the expedition’s base camp. Green triangles indicate a low camp 1 and a low camp 3. Red triangles indicate the proper camps. Various line colors indicate various rope diameters. Green – 5 mm rope, Red – 6 mm rope, Blue – 7 mm rope, Yellow – tracers, Purple – running belay

This is part of the emergency ascent plan worked out by the renowned Krzysztof Wielicki who realised that this will be the last chance for the Poles to scale the 8,051 m Broad Peak if they ever want to bag another first winter 8000er.


The predictions called for a small weather window which will only open for four days, Poles started their ascent some two days back and all four members are now in Camp-4 at 7800m and according to the last reports, they have crossed the last decisive crevasse which has thwarted their summit push earlier. The weather is ok for the moment and the team probably have made it to the summit by now but there has been no official confirmation for the moment.


According to Polish Winter Mountaineering leader Artur Hajzer, the summit push kicked off at 5.15 am Local time and the team is still pushing for the peak.

Wielicki and Shaheen Baig are in the Base Camp while Karim Hayat is waiting at Camp-4 7400m for the team to return after scaling the summit.