EvK2Cnr and Pakistani Government signs MOU for Central Karakorum National Park and extended support for scientific research


Italian High Commission’s tireless efforts to promote environmental conservation in the mighty Himalayas and Karakorum in Pakistan yielded positive results when the Global Change Impact Studies Center and EvK2Cnr signed a memorandum of understanding. The MOU will facilitate the establishment of regional centers in the Karakorum to conduct extensive research on the geographical terrain. This is the first of its kind agreement signed between the Pakistani Government and an outside body and envisions a wide range of subjects including the layout of the Central Karakorum National Park. 


There has been a pressing need to conduct extensive research studies on the massive glacial system the country possess and many of the foreign agencies wanted a platform which would facilitate the said research work in the area.

This MOU will help the establish research centers which will facilitate activities related to scientific and observational studies on climate change. This will enable the researches all over the world to ascertain the causes and effects of Global Warming and its impact on the glacial system of the subcontinent. 


The MOU was signed between the Federal Minister for Climate Change Rana M Farooq Saeed Khan, the Director General of the Ministry Javaid Ali Khan and the EvK2Cnr representative Agostina Da Polenza.

“Today was a very important agreement was signed.” said Polenza, “EvK2Cnr received in this case the recognition and interest to cooperate by not just bodies or agencies or the regional governments but by the national government of the entire country like Pakistan.”


The MOU was signed in Islamabad on a day where the federal capital received one of the heaviest downpours of spring after 14 years. The hailstorm lasted for several minutes rolling out a white carpet on the otherwise lush green terrain of the city.

Polenza added, “This agreement was accompanied by one of the most cheerful, exceptionally loud ice storm I have ever witnessed. I could not help but feel the storm as a testament to what is appropriate to continue to study the climate and its stark cambimenti. 


EvK2Cnr also presented a layout of the Central Karakorum National Park which will include the high lands of the Khunjerab Pass in the northern-most end of the country. The committee has worked extensively in the past three years to create awareness about the degradation of regional ecology and the aftermath of the disturbance caused by it. 

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