Climbers throng Karakorum and Western Himalayas despite the gruesome incident at Nanga Parbat


Despite the gruesome and dastardly act of mass killings at the Base Camp of Nanga Parbat, the climbing community in general seems to have brushed aside all the threats and have already reached the Base Camps of the peaks they have been planning to climb for almost a year. 

The deteriorated security situation has severely affected the climbing season in Pakistan where the climbing season kicks off at the start of June and ends by August. The brutal killing incident which took place at the Diamir side of Nanga Parbat, forced Pakistan Government to take serious actions in order to improve the security conditions at these beautiful peaks which attract thousands of climbers from all over the world.


Some 40 Mountaineering expeditions were scheduled to visit Pakistan this year consisting of Ukrainian, Russian, French, Spanish, English, American, Polish, Japanese, Iranian and climbers of other nationalities, many of whom aspired to climb the five eight-thousanders in the country.

​There have been other expeditions which intended to climb the smaller and virgin peaks in the rugged Karakorums. 


Climbing season in the Karakorums and Western Himalayas of Pakistan starts at the beginning of June, when the climbing spree at the Everest and adjoining peaks have ended in wake of the impending monsoon. The season in Pakistan, considered as more challenging and difficult, lasts till the start of August when the Monsoon starts lashing Pakistan.

The killing incident is the first of its kind in Pakistan where the tourists have been targeted in particular. Nanga Parbat neighbours the hostile territories of the Chilas and Kohistan whereas rest of the eight-thousanders are located in the Northern most corner of the country, known to be safe for tourists and trekkers.