After years of relentless conservation work from both national and International wildlife conservation agencies in Pakistan, the Bronx Zoo in New York reported the birth of first Pakistani Snow Leopard in their facility. Although born in captivity, the cub is the first Pakistani Snow Leopard cub which has been bred from a captured snow leopard

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The merciless and ever-pouring Monsoons in the western Himalayas have brought an end to what can be easily described as one of the bloodiest climbing seasons in the history of Mountain climbing in Pakistan. Home of some of the highest and most dangerous peaks in the world, Pakistan is often the destiny of the most

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Wild Boars in the brush Wild boars are found all over Pakistan, and are one of its major agricultural pests, gobbling their way through millions of dollars of wheat and sugarcane crops. In Punjab province in the 1980s, the government initiated a bounty system whereby villagers were paid for each tail they delivered, but it

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