K-2 Winter Expedition: An invincible team with questionable attitude


Time is ripe for the greatest mountaineering event of contemporary times as the sturdy international team crouches to make the final leap to the top of K-2 which has remained un-climbed in winters. 

Many rightfully consider it as the last greatest feat to be achieved in the record books of mountaineering. 


Being the fourth winter expedition to the Savage Mountain, credentials of the team members are unflinching and hold impeccable respect, but do they have the right attitude for the giant feat they are about to undertake? 
The question holds credibility after the reckless comments made by none other than the team leader Denis Urubko who has gone over the extent of calling this “Just another climb”. 


Of all the good tidings mountaineering brings along with it, humility remains the most cherished treasure of all. 

From the early climbers of the 18th century to the modern day Ice Warriors like Simone Moro, none has underestimated their enemy regardless of how big or small it might have been. 


For the likes of Irishman Rory McElroy, who took golf by storm in his teens, pompous and reckless underestimation can hardly be life threatening. Golfers may have the luxury of making mistakes and learning from them. 

For mountaineers-there is no room for mistakes. 

The 41-year-old Urubko hails from Russia and was also part of the 2003 Winter Expedition to K-2 led by Andrzej Zawada. While establishing camps at the North Ridge on the Chinese side, Urubko climbed upto 7600 m but the team later decided to call off the expedition as one of the team member suffered from cerebral edema. 


On a question regarding his personal capabilities, Urubko said, “Do you mean my personal ability? I think that I am able to reach 9,500 meters without oxygen… but on the easy (classic) route. The crisis limit when I was younger was above 8,600m; now it is higher, I suppose. This is due to my experience.”


He further added, “Each time I look at my ascents as being “normal”… during the climb. But after each expedition, looking back at what I had lived, I feel the fear. I feel amazed, too. I am wondering how I had survived.”

The team has decided to open up new route, the unexplored North East Ridge which meets up the old route above 7500m. 

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