American climbers Kyle Dempster and Scott Adamson missing on notorious Ogre- ıı in Northern Pakistan


​Monstrous Ogre- ıı also known as Latok-2, famous for being one of the most difficult massifs in the world to climb has yet again swallowed two of the world renowned high altitude alpinists. Utah based Kyle Dempster 33 and Scott Adamson 34 have been reported missing for the last more than one week and Search and Rescue Operations (SAR) in the notoriously difficult realm of Panmah Muztagh- a subrange of Karakorums in northern Pakistan have been delayed due to weather parleys. 


​The duo missed the peak last year when they suffered a near-death injury, falling from a mind-boggling 400ft while descending due to bad weather. Dempster broke his leg during descend.

​This year, the duo returned to attempt the same route North Face for the first ascent of 7108m Latok-ıı aka Ogre- ıı at an otherwise unconventional climbing time of the year. Given his experience of the Baintha Brakk Massif, and having scaled the 7284m Ogre-1 in 2012 South Face adjacent to the Latok massif, Dempster was confident to climb the notorious giant in the wild north of Pakistan. 


“Kyle and Scott have not been seen since Monday, August 22”, reported the climbers crew from Base Camp. “No surprise given the complexity and scale of the terrain and the vagaries of the weather. On Sunday, August 28, family and friends initiated a search and rescue effort, assisted by local authorities and another climbing team on the Chaktoi”. 

​The four peaks of the Latok massif are a cluster of dramatic granite peaks in the Panmah Muztagh range and are known for their notoriety for climbers. Latok massif is pitched between Baitha Brakk Glacier on the south and Choktoi Glacier on the north in the central region of Karakorum mountain range. 


​Latok- ıı did not see a successful attempt after the first ascent in 1977 when an Italian group led by Arturo Bergameschi reached the top.

​Second successful attempt came in the year 1997 when Alexander Huber, Thomas Huber, Toni Gutsch, and Conrad Anker climbed the sheer West Face of the peak.


​Kyle and Scott are also the joint winners of Piolets d`Or 2013. Friends and family of both climbers have started fund raising to support the search and rescue operations.

Meanwhile a German Expedition at the Base Camp is also taking part in SARs and Pakistani Military Helicopters have also started scouring the North Face in wake of suitable weather.  

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