Nanga Back in action: Tomek and Eli pitches camp-2 before returning to the Base


Tomek Mackiewicz and Elizabeth Rivol the stubborn duo is back in Diamir to scale the ninth highest and arguably one of the most difficult 8000ers. Nanga was successfully scaled in winters for the first time in 2016 by Alex Txikon, Simone Moro and Ali Sadpara when Tomek and Rivol had already failed after repeated attempts from Messner 2000 route.

​They had left the base camp outlasting all their resources. Both Tomek and Rivol have known the Diamir side like the back of their hands, having been here for six consecutive years. ​


For Tomek, however, this is more like a year-end holiday. He works tirelessly throughout the year to gather resources only to be in Pakistan by the year end. With little or no physical preparations to counter the Killer, Tomek relies mostly on mental strength and whatever little acclimatization he acquires while at the Base Camp. 


Funded by Grivel again, the French Gear manufacturer, Rivol and Tomek are hoping to complete the Messner-2000 route to the top of the summit.  There is also a chance that the team would split at the top where Tomek likely to follow the Buhl 1953 route to the top while Rivol likely to continue the standard route to the summit. Facing the North-west side of the Nanga, the team is considerably shielded by the wind gusts pounding the south-ended Rupal side of the mountain.


Messner-2000 is a relatively easier route to the top of Kinshofer, with a gradual but a longer incline. Tomek and Eli have been insisting for quite a while to complete this route to the top and argue that it is the only possible route in winters. Messner-2000 is not taken up in summers for its higher vulnerability to avalanche.

As per the last reports, the team established high camp on 6700m, making a dump for Camp-2 and have returned to Base Camp because of unsettling weather. They are likely to resume their climb by Friday 19th.

​Both teams have almost two months before the official deadline of a winter climb ends on March 23rd.

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