Tomek and Eli nearing Nanga Summit amid conflicting reports


​Lack of resources is one of the crucial constraints that the duo might be facing during their dangerous summit push for the Nanga winter summit. They have been atop the Messner-2000 route and have reportedly pushed Camp-3 a little further up to facilitate a quick charge to the summit whenever possible.

​There are no confirmed reports of their location or status as both are not on the GPS of any sort, making it impossible to ascertain their status.


This was the post on Tomek’s Facebook page on January 21st , 2200 PST possibly from the page administrators;

“Dear Tomek’s friends. I am unable to communicate with him at the moment. I do not know their current position and altitude. They operate up on the mountain. According to the recent information that I have they plan the summit push around Wednesday, which corresponds with the forecasts. The wind will significantly decrease these days. We’ll get some information probably at the end of the week. Please be patient. Full of trust and hope waiting. They are fine.  💚 Fingers crossed.”


In the early hours of 19th, the duo launched of what was affirmed as the ‘first and final” summit push that they will ever launch in this expedition. They later had to retreat from higher altitude due to fatigue and high winds. There are no GPS location or trackers and most of the chroniclers who are monitoring their forward march have been relying on weather reports to tally their possible summit attempt.


If these conflicting reports are to be relied on, both climbers are currently risking everything for this expedition. Camped somewhere close 7300m just below the summit dome can be fatal in the next two days as the wind speed is likely to gain strength in wake of the deteriorating weather.

​Both climbers have no arrangements for backup support in terms of SAR operations and possibly do not have a security deposit for heli rescue. The closest Professional rescuers available are currently stationed in Concordia, fixing ropes on K2. Shuttling back to Skardu and rushing all the way to Diamir can easily take more than a week.

​These are bad times to be at the top. We hope and pray for their safe even if not a successful return!

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