Polish Camp falls sick as Denis solos his way up on K2: News Update

PictureDenis on Cessen winter 2017-18 courtesy: Denis Urubko

​Denis Urubko seems to have taken the lead in pitching high camps and fixing ropes on K2 all by himself while the rest of the team has avoided real action on the Savage Mountain. 

PictureCamp-2 on Cessen courtesy: Denis Urubko

Denis updated his status indicating sickness issues in the Polish Camp.

“Unfortunately for the expedition, several members turned sick… and they still are, so I had to go alone. I had great fun working my way up. C1 established at 5900, but couldn’t get any rest. I carried fixed ropes and used the established ones. Wow, it’s pretty hard work to carry it alone. In some places I could dig old fixed ropes out of the ice, and in some others I climbed with my crampons. Both ended up in beautiful sunset lights and I kept climbing to the tent platform. Until now weather forecasts haven’t been very accurate. For example they promised 40/50km/h winds and I was really hoping for it. But when I slept in C1 I was almost blown away. I had to sleep with a self-insurance system attached to the fixed ropes. Only when I started again at 9am I understood that carrying ropes and bivy gear is a weird venture. That’s why I kept digging out, cutting and verifying old fixed ropes. At 1pm I reached C2, at approximately 6300. Took me 30min to set the tent. The terrace was decent, room for 1 person more or less. Well, one can survive on it. At night a small outrage blew, but I slept very well. As the dawn broke, I rushed down and arrived at BC at 10.30.
Current situation: Adam and Marek are sleeping at C2. Artur and Pakistanis carriers went down to BC. Marcin and Macjej are sleeping at C1 and want to go to C2 tomorrow. Rafal and Petr will also try to reach C2 from BC tomorrow.”

(Subject to translation errors)

PictureCamp-2 on Cessen courtesy: Denis Urubko

What seems to the “sickness issue” in the Polish Camp is still not certain. Weather forecast is largely vague and unreliable, as the wind speed mounts without any forewarning. The team is likely to be at work during the two days of bad weather prediction on 23rd and 24th, making invaluable deposits on high camps.

PictureCamp-2 on Cessen courtesy: Denis Urubko

​Denis was also part of the 2016-17 Winter Expedition to K2 planned from the Chinese side. They were refused a climbing permit by the Chinese Government and had to return. Denis claims to have physical fitness of reaching up to 9000m ASL without having to use supplementary Oxygen.