Tomek and Eli waiting patiently in Camp-2 on Nanga: News Update

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Meanwhile, situation on Nanga continues to be critical as the duo refuses to climb down from high camp even in wake of bad weather predictions. Earlier, they retreated from Camp-3 somewhere close to 7000m and returned to Camp-2 due to high wind and physical fatigue. It appears as if the team wants to wait out the blizzard in camp-2 and utilize the post blizzard calm to pitch a summit push in the early hours of 25th. This strategy can only work if there are clear skies with low wind and perfect weather.

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Else, this can be suicidal.

Withstanding a blizzard as strong as 80MPH at 5900m Camp-2 is close to impossible. Tomek updated his status reiterating their post-blizzard plan and possibly the last summit push of the expedition.

PictureNanga Winter Expedition 2016-17

​”We are in C3 Windy about 100 km/h tomorrow C4. Summit Push 25 January. Good weather that day Greetings to friends on FB Please keep fingers crossed THANK YOU ALL also for financial support”

A summit in present scenario is highly unlikely.