Nanga final Summit push expected tonight: News Update


​Utilizing favorable weather window, Tomek and Eli have climbed back in camp-3 at 7300m and they are likely to push for the summit tonight. There are no weather updates from the high camp with only just one message relayed by Tomek from Camp-3.

“We are at 7300 a terrible fight if the summit is tomorrow”


A small westerly system is building up on the North-west of Diamir which is likely to enter the region in the late morning hours in Pakistan, leaving a very small weather window for the summit push. The duo must not only be super-fast on their feet but will also have to climb down as quickly as possible if they ever make it to the top.

They have been staying in high camps for the last five days and must be experiencing severe physical fatigue due to high altitude and extreme cold.

PictureAli and Simone on the summit Feb 26, 2016

At 7300m, they must be quite a few yards short of the base of the summit dome which is roughly at 7600m. They still have to climb a gruesome 825m vertically to reach the summit piton which marks the official summit of Nanga Parbat at 8,125m.