Helicopter Rescue on the way as Polish and French Embassies spearhead the SAR Operations

PictureFile Photo Rupal Face. Pakistan Army Aviation Helis used for SARs

​Elizabeth Revol’s family received a desperate Satellite phone message calling for heli rescue and financial help as they did not have security deposit for the Helicopter.

​As per the details received, Eli and Tomek got stuck at the base of the summit dome somewhere at 7400m. They descended further to 7200m and haven’t been able to further lower their altitude. There is also fear that Tomek is not well and both climbers are fast losing time. 

PictureFile Photo

Meanwhile, Polish and French embassies moved their office to coordinate and jump-start a heli rescue operation taking help from the Polish climbing team at K2 Base Camp.

According to the latest information, heli has already left for Concordia Base Camp to pick three mountaineers and the team doctor along with oxygen and climbing gear.

​Adam Bielecki and Denis Urubko are well aware of the Diamir side of Nanga as both have sent several days in past winter expeditions, however it is still not confirmed as to which climbers will be coming over for rescue. 

PictureWesterly system to break into Pakistan in the evening

​A heli rescue seems to be a far flung possibility as weather is fast deteriorating and there is a small window in the early hours of 27th when the helis can actually scour the higher altitudes of Nanga.

There is heavy overcast from afternoon onwards which is likely to pound the area with high winds and raging snow blizzards, leaving little chance of any kind of rescue.

Tomek and Eli are the only ones who can possibly save their own lives by lowering their altitude as much as possible.