Warning bells on Nanga: No news from Tomek and Eli for more than 24 hours

PictureDiamir Face Nanga Parbat 2015-16

Time is running out fast for Tomek Mackiewicz and Elizabeth Revol, the two climbers who launched the dreaded summit push last night on Nanga Parbat.

There has been no news since.

The Base Camp crew spotted both the climbers close to 8000m mark near the summit dome sometime late Thursday morning. The crew insists that both were moving towards the summit albeit rapidly changing weather.

There have been no sightings since as the visibility has dropped considerably.

PictureFile Photo Courtesy: Tomek Facebook

Although this info has yet to be verified, but in all probability, if the duo has touched the 8000m mark, it is highly unlikely that they will return without a summit. This holds true for at least Tomek, who is attempting this for the seventh time and has crossed the 8000m threshold for the first time.

​Finding a way to get down from the summit would be a far-flung idea for this stubborn Pole.

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​What is even more daunting and dangerous, is the fact that they are following Alpine style, with no fixed ropes to trace their way down. An overcast and wind speeds close to 30-40MPH, the chill factor must have soared to -50 Celsius rendering visibility close to zero. The deafening snowstorm must have wiped out whatever trail they had broken on their way up. One step in the wrong direction can be fatal.

Given the present conditions and bad weather predictions, there are slim chances of a full scale Search and Rescue SAR operation conducted by HAPs or through helis.

On a positive note, a summit success will catapult them as two of the greatest mountaineers in the history for taming the ‘Killer’ in Alpine Style in a ridiculously low budget.

Our hopes and prayers are with them!