Only a Miracle can save Tomek-Rescue Operation to commence in full swing: News Update

PictureRescue during 2011 Tourist carnage

In a few hours, Pakistan Army Aviation helis will take off from Skardu to pick four Polish climbers from K2 Base Camp ferrying them to Diamir side of Nanga Parbat. Helis were not dispatched on Friday despite the approval from the concerned government sections citing nightfall and darkness.

​Rescue team comprises of Adam Bielecki, Denis Urubko, Piotr Tomala and Jarek Botor all specialized Technical climbers who have decent experience of Diamir Face. They are all set and waiting for the helis to carry them to Nanga. 


“Our rucksacks are almost packed” Adam relayed this message via Instagram. “Helicopters should be here tomorrow in the morning. At least 4 of us are flying towards Nanga Parbat. Denis and I are going up light as soon and as high as possible. The rest with heavy luggage will safeguard the rear. Keep your fingers crossed for us and the weather.” 

​Eli goes for help Leaving Tomek behind

Meanwhile, there is substantial evidence to prove that Eli has left Tomek possibly at 7000m tucked up safely in a snow cave and has moved fast to lower her altitude to 6600m on the Kinshofer. Going further down on the Kinshofer wall without fixed ropes is close to impossible. Eli’s old trusted partner Daniele Nardi has shared further info claiming Eli has come down to Camp-3 on Kinshofer and she will now wait for the helis for a possible airlift attempt. 


“Everything is in correct way finally”. Wrote Denis via sms. “Tomorrow morning rescue team will fly to Diamir. We will try to go by Kinshoffer route as soon as possible. Adam and me are in head-team, going light style. Will be necessary to climb, sure, because old ropes shall be into the ice. Our group can be 4-6 members finally……We’ll try to do our best.” 

​Bad Weather ahead

News from the weather front is not encouraging. There is just a small weather window which will allow the rescue team to carry on the reconnaissance of the route through helis. By early afternoon, helis are likely to go off-service due to high winds and overcast. There are also predictions of Jet stream finally entering the region likely to increase wind speeds up to 100-150 Kph, rendering all rescue efforts null and void. 

PictureDenis and Simone during 2011-12 Winter Expedition

Sickness report and a possible Summit success

According to assorted information, Tomek is suffering from snow-blindness, frostbite and possibly hypothermia. Both Eli and Tomek have been sleepless and have been facing excruciatingly tough conditions on high altitude.

Tomek’s blindness also indicates a possible summit success where he was pounded and thrashed by a blizzard pouring in from the Rupal side at the top. Also as per the Base Camp crew, they were last spotted at approximately 8000m moving up the trapezoid. If this information is accurate, there is possibility that Tomek would have thrown –in everything to stand at the top. There is also possibility that Eli refrained from attempting the peak citing dangerous conditions which is probably why she is in better physical condition. There is however, no confirmation of the summit success.  

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