A Miracle is unfolding-strong hope for Eli and Tomek as the Rescue team makes rapid progress:  News Update


Dropped at 5000m at 4.50pm PST at Camp-1 on the Kinshofer, Adam Bielecki and Denis Urubko have moved with lightning speed to get on top of Kinshofer wall to reach 5900m. This feat has been accomplished with no fixed ropes possibly making use of the hard blue ice axing their way up.

​They have surpassed a near vertical technical wall of 400m in terribly cold and possibly windy conditions to dramatically increase the chances of Eli’s rescue. This is also the first time that Kinshofer wall has been climbed in alpine style in winters. Denis and Adam made perfect use of the acclimatization they have built on K2 reaching up to 5900m during the last few days. 


In a few hours or possibly by the time this update is published, Eli will be roped down to the bottom of the wall where Jarek and Piotr will take her to the safety of the Base Camp while Adam and Denis will swiftly move up another 1400m to rescue Tomek. They have only few hours before weather deteriorates to zero visibility and wind speeds up to 100kph. Eli has been relaying messages through her SAT phone giving exact coordinates of her location contrary to Tomek who is bracing extreme cold and wind for the last 36 hours hungry, sleepless, blinded and sick.

The search and Rescue operation is unprecedented given the fact that the rescue team has overlooked all weather predictions and has moved to an altitude of 6000m on the Killer Mountain in winters and in a pitch black night. 


​Miraculously, the weather has been favorable with very less wind at lower altitudes although there are reports of intermittent snowfall.

For the moment, Eli’s rescue is more or less imminent and for the first time in three days, there is strong chance that Tomek will also be rescued from approx. 7200m where he has been patiently waiting. Pakistan Army aviation also undertook considerable challenge to shuttle the rescue team from Concordia to Diamir in less than three hours, although they have now called off any more heli flights presently due to darkness and tomorrow possibly due to bad weather.
This is truly a miracle unfolding!

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