Denis Pushes ahead with his Solo attempt on K2, rejects contact with Base


​Setting off on his solo bid on Saturday, February 24th, Denis has made no contact with the base even after 36 hours. Poles are now in frenzy and have already started climbing in order to secure the summit before Denis steals the show.

This is ideally the vintage climbing drama which ceased to happen for the past few decades and has reappeared on one of deadliest and most difficult mountains on earth. The betrayal has left Expedition leader Kryzsztoff Wielecki offended and heartbroken. Earlier, Marek Chmielarski and Artur Malek, who were in Camp-1, were told by the Base to engage Denis and convince him to talk to Wielecki on radio.

​This proposal was declined by Denis, who later ventured further up without taking radio. 


“I’ve known Denis for many years, we’re friends. I did not think it would come to that” Wielecki was talking to “Above all, the biggest one may not regret it, but the biggest surprise was that Denis, going up when he was stopped by our team in the first camp, because I wanted to talk to him, told his friends that he would not talk to me. And it hurt in such a personal aspect.”


​There have been no updates on Denis’ blog or through his facebook posts. Also he is not carrying a radio or any other means of communication. This not only makes it exceedingly hard to trace his location it has essentially made it impossible to launch a rescue effort if anything goes wrong.

This is not the first time Denis has refused to follow the expedition leader. He complained earlier on his blogpost when he was called back to the Base by Wielecki while he was approaching Camp-3. He has complained of laid-back attitude of the Polish Expedition and questioned the seriousness of their intentions. 


​For the moment, the last deposits made at Camp-3 at 7200m will be the only supplies Denis is left with to continue further up.

There are no fixed ropes on the bottleneck across the Serac which makes it more or less an Alpine style push from Camp-3 onward.

​This presents an extremely dangerous proposition even in summers let alone in the dead of winters.