K2 stands Invincible: Polish Expedition calls it a day


Polish Expedition Leader Kryzsztof Wielecki has announced the logical conclusion to this year’s Polish Expedition to K2 citing dangerous conditions and inevitable destruction of the high camps in the last three days of bad weather. Northern regions of Pakistan were pounded by heavy rain and snowfall in the last few days where Islamabad alone received 95mm of rain over the weekend. The polish expedition recorded no less than 80ft of snow at the Base Camp and even more on high camps. 

PicturePolish Base Camp 03-04-18 Courtesy: k2dlapolakow

This was officially announced from the Polish Base Camp on Monday, 5th;

“Based on a deep analysis of the situation in agreement with the team I decided today to end the mountain action on K2.
The impact on the decision to terminate shares had the following factors:
1. Result of reconnaissance team Adam Bielecki and janusz pigeon today. It turns out that on the road to c1 all ropes are blocked, the tent at the base is damaged, there is also a high likelihood of destruction of c1, C2 and C3. Camps.
2. WEATHER FORECAST THAT CONFIRMS ONLY 1 short weather window approx 11.03.2018
3. No possibility of acclimatisation min. 1th team at the height. 7200 M, who would have made it back to base for a peak attack on 11.03
4. Threat of avalanche in the upper road. IN THE LAST 8 days, we have recorded over 80 inches of snow.
5. Warning from the portal portal with large rain on height. 7600 m
6. Bad forecasts for the period after 11.03.2018
The priority of the expedition is the safety of the participants.
Krzysztof climbers”


​Expedition will be now preparing for a departure from the Base Camp arriving in Skardu and taking a flight to Islamabad thereof. This was one of the heavily funded Polish National expedition equipped with custom designed gear. The expedition started off from the Cessen/Basque route in the beginning and reached up to 7200m. After the climbers received injuries due to heavy rock fall and high wind gusts, the expedition switched over to the more commonly used Abruzzi Spur 

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