Denis_feb-2 PC: Don via Instagram

Broad Peak is all set for a second Winter Ascent by Denis Urubko and Don Bowie

Denis Urubko, Don Bowie and Lotta Hinsta, the trio of the ambitious Broad Peak winter Expedition have returned to the Base Camp and are currently waiting for another good weather window to launch their second attempt on the mountain. The team has anticipated an early summit break on the 8,047m Broad Peak, sighting a small weather window and though the team had not touched the 7000m mark yet, they still decided to pursue the summit.

Denis on Broad Peak PC: Denis FB
Denis feb-2 PC: Don via Instagram

I turned back at 7650. No ropes and a lot of crevasses
Tired to break trail, too risky, not enough time, but good acclimatization.
Now I’m drinking tea in C3, Tomorrow BC”

Denis wrote on his Facebook on Feb 1st.

The team is apparently happy at the outcome of the summit push as they have now opened up the route all the way to 7650m and now only have to wait for two to three days of weather window to launch the summit push.

Lotta Feb_2 PC: Lotta Instagram
Lotta Feb_2 PC: Lotta Instagram

“After climbing 100m or so above C2, we got caught in a storm. My right hand was going numb, along with my toes. I was frozen to my core. We kept on climbing until somewhere around 6600m when Don made the decision to set camp. Long story short, we stayed there for 2 nights, all digits alive, COLD af, we ran out of food, low on gas (dehydration), took a beating from some winds when coming down but eventually got down yesterday to basecamp”

Lotta wrote on her Instagram.

Meanwhile, Mingma and Jon Snorri are gradually making progress on the Abruzzi Spur on K2 and have reached Camp-2. They are now waiting out bad weather at the Base Camp.

Jon Snorri somewhere close to Cap-2 PC: Snorri via FB
Jon Snorri somewhere close to Cap-2 PC: Snorri via FB

“I’m back in BC. We manage to fix lines up to 6.600 meters yesterday. According to the weather forecast the weather is bad in the mountain until the 8th of February. We have certain plan of course for our K2 winter expedition, but the force of nature will have the last saying. But still the mother nature decide to warm us up with the sun today after those cold days”

Snorri wrote on his Facebook.

Weather is likely to clear up in the Karakoram after February 7th, giving another spell of sunny days for both expeditions.