Denis laments missing ‘miracle’ summit bid after Bowie falls sick on Broad Peak

The latest summit push which started on February 5th, where Denis and Don had risen directly to Camp-2, has been put off because of Don’s worsening physical condition. The duo, sighting a favorable weather window, launched their second summit bid hoping to reach the top on February 7th.  Both climbers are now in Base Camp rethinking their future course of action, subject to Don’s physical fitness for the job.

We fixed tent and drink soup in ‘my’ crevase 🙂 at 7000m.
Don is extremaly sick pulmons. Tomorow We will leave deposit and rapell down to the base camp.
We have 2 weeks more. I feel well and will wait the moment. Way is ready to 7500m with fixed ropes.

Denis wrote on his Facebook Page on February 6th.

This case scenario was something predictable well before the first summit push as none of the climbers have actually reached the 7000m mark. Deprived of sufficient acclimatization, Don apparently broke down with Pulmonary Edema which takes considerable time to recuperate from.

After reaching Camp-2, Don and Denis continued their push the next day but had to shelter in possibly the same crevasse where Denis retreated in the last summit push.

It will be interesting to see if Denis will continue with the expedition without Don or call it off entirely.

Proceeding K2 Winter Expedition, as was earlier planned by the team, now stands shrouded in uncertainty.