K2 Winter Expedition PC: Jon Snorri FB

Jon Snorri calls off the K2 Expedition, cites lack of support from climbing partners

The Icelandic climber and motivational speaker Jon Snorri has called off the K2 winter Expedition. His announcement came on his Facebook Page on Wednesday February 5th where he complained lack of support from his climbing partners including Mingma Gayle Sherpa, Gao Li and other Sherpas from Nepal.

“Summiting K2 in winter is a formidable task that necessitates all team members being fully prepared, both mentally and physically, to face the challenge. Team members Mingma G, the three sherpas of Nepal and Gao Li of China have all expressed that they don’t feel fully prepared to make the scheduled attempt of personal reason. Taking this into consideration and after much deliberation, it has been decided that the mission will not go forward. We thank you for your support throughout the months of preparation and will keep you posted on our future endeavors”

Snorri wrote on his Facebook.

Jon and Tomaz had been able to fix ropes up to 6600m on the Abruzzi but without manpower and logistics support it was not possible for two of them to carry on for a longer period of time.

Apparently the Sherpas didn’t take part in any action on K2. Since the start of the K2 Winter Expedition, much of the action has been undertaken by Snorri and Tomaz Rotar who have been hauling supplies, fixing ropes and setting camps. Mingma in his last Facebook message had mentioned his inability to cope with the extreme conditions on K2.

Reportedly, Jon and Tomaz are the only ones who have decided to trek back to Askoli while the rest of the expedition has opted for an airlift back to civilization.