Nims Dai strongest contender for K2 First Winter Ascent: Reinhold Messner

Messner via Instagram Official

Nepalese prodigy, Nirmal Purja aka Nims Dai, received perhaps the strongest booster shot and a much needed pat on his back for his ongoing winter expedition on K2, when Reinhold Messner nominated him as the strongest contender for the current rally. Messner was answering a question on his Instagram account;

“Nirmal is a great and strong mountaineer with a good logistic and team behind so I think he will made it”

Nims and Mingma Gayle on Abruzzi Spur K2
Messner Yak Herding in his home town Sulden-Italy Photo: Sammy Minkoff

Nims Dai is currently on rotation on the Abruzzi Spur along with loads of other aspiring climbers, some of whom have gathered to make a serious attempt on K2 for the first winter ascent. Nims in his unorthodox style immediately set out to work climbing a jaw-dropping 6500m in the first rally within a mere two days after arriving at the base. They spent a night at C2 at 7050m just below the Black Pyramid and have now returned to the base to wait-out the bad forecast.

Nims met Messner for the first time at Nanga Parbat Diamir Base Camp in 2019 when he was attempting Nanga under his spitfire climbing schedule “Project Possible 14/7”. Messner visits Nanga Parbat almost every year and has a personnel affiliation to the Diamir Base where he lost his brother Gunther Messner in 1978 during the unforgettable Nanga Traverse. The two legends met for a while and basked under the majestic Diamir Face of the Killer Mountain.

The expeditions will have to wait for a couple of days before K2 rises again through the bad weather spell.