Panic begins to seep in as the climbers remain off the grid on K2 summit bid

It must be pitch dark and extremely cold right now with no batteries to power the headlamps. They have probably taken a refuge in a snow cave somewhere between the traverse and the bottleneck (in case they have already made it to the summit).

Ali. John, Sajid at K2 Base Camp Via John Facebook

It has been more than 24 hours that John Snorri, Ali Sadpara, Sajid Sadpara and JP Mohr started their summit push from Camp-3 from approx. 7400m. They have been off the grid for the last 12 hours due to low batteries. Sajid Sadpara reported back to C3 about 10 hours ago revealing that John, Ali and Mohr are pushing their way up the bottleneck (which is roughly at 8200m).

The night before, a crowded C3 forced the team to host three climbers from SST in their small tent resulting in possible sleep deprivation. There are also reports that one of the climbers is not in good physical condition but was feeling better when they finally started the final attempt.

Courtesy: Mountain Weather

In a worst-case-scenario, there is no possibility of a Search and Rescue operation not even with Pakistan Army Helis as they cannot fly above 6500m. Winds will be picking drastically in the first half of the day on Saturday and by evening reaching mild Hurricane speed level of up to 90km/h. Climbers returning from a possible summit success (which is highly probable) would still need to rest and hydrate themselves for at least six hours in camp-3 although the weather window is not favorable for such a rest at C3.

Even in case of a summit success, the three climbers by now must have endured severe frostbite and possible HAPE and HACE since they are working without supplemental Oxygen above the ‘Death Zone’.

By and large this summit push will turn out to be a stupid decision, regardless of whoever made it to the top.