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Founded in the year 2012, Pakistan Explorer intends to reach out to the rest of the world as an ambassador of love and peace and present “Pakistan – a must-see destination”. Emphasizing both on domestic and international tourism, the company takes keen interest in the development and uplift of the local communities, thereby fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities in a timely and responsible fashion. 

We, Pakistan Explorer, offer the best and the most secure way of traveling through Pakistan and yet be able to enjoy the pleasures of mingling with the local communities, sharing mutual experiences of life, love and the world around us.

As the nations shed off their centuries old nationalistic pride and abhorrence for their neighbours, we are closing in into a world which is defined by the love for fellow human beings irrespective of cast, creed and colour of skin. In the times of diminishing borders, humanity’s faith in love, peace and respect for the fellow human being is gaining ground.

Of all the religious, racial and political divides the world now concurs on commonly agreed laws of morality, ethics, freedom of expression and individual rights. In these times of religious extremism and intolerance, people of Pakistan have suffered endlessly. Irrespective of the hardships they never forgot to put up a smile for their guests and visitors and extend their hospitality for which they are known world over.

As the airlines extend their frequent flyer programs and with 60,000 people in air every minute, travelling has never been as affordable as it is today.  Notwithstanding the turbulence in the region, Pakistan remains one of the top destinations of the adventurers, trekkers and mountaineers from all over the world. And why should it not be? The country is known to be the home of  40 out of the 50 tallest peaks in the world. Pakistan has five of the fourteen 8000 meter peaks in the world. It is also home of the highest number of 7000 meter and 6000 meter peaks in the world-many of which have never been climbed.

Pakistan’s northern areas are so cold and lifeless that it appears to be a scene shot in the lingering Ice Age some three million years ago. Home of the longest glaciers on earth after the polar caps, from the mighty mountain ranges of Karakoram to the sand dunes of Thar desert, Pakistan is blessed to have diversified yet stunning landscapes. And the country offers every seeker what no country on earth can offer.

The list of the natural assets is never ending. Home of K-2– aka the Savage Mountain is the second highest peak in the world. Also home to the notorious Nanga Parbat (Naked Mountain) the ninth highest and one of the deadliest peaks in the climbing circles. 

Deosai National Park on the north eastern border is the second highest plateau in the world after Tibet and is home to the critically endangered Himalayan Brown Bear. 

In the south, Pakistan has the world’s only fertile desert Tharparkar which provides shelter to several species of migratory birds coming from the Siberian highlands and steppes of Russia and offers breathtaking sight-seeing. The sandy beaches of Gawadar, Ormara and pisni along the Arabian Sea are some of the less explored and picturesque destination for the local as well as international tourists. In short, the list of priceless natural beauty of Pakistan is never-ending. 

So the next time you chose to travel around the world – make it Pakistan. Make it Pakistan Explorer!

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“Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious.” Stephen Hawking