Imtiaz and Akbar

The grim look on their faces tells the gravity of the situation at K2. Although its more of a matter of retrieving the bodies of the fateful climbers now, but Ali Sadpara’s relatives, Akbar and Imtiaz, accomplished climbers themselves, are risking their lives and are already somewhere up Camp-1 on the Abruzzi Spur. Pakistani government

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Recon flights by Pakistan Army

Search and Rescue operation will be initiated again with the help of Pakistan Army Helis in a small weather window which will last no longer then mid-day. The climbers are now missing for straight two days having made no contact with the base. There was no movement or trace of movement recorded yesterday either through

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It must be pitch dark and extremely cold right now with no batteries to power the headlamps. They have probably taken a refuge in a snow cave somewhere between the traverse and the bottleneck (in case they have already made it to the summit). It has been more than 24 hours that John Snorri, Ali

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K2 Camp_4 in winter photo: MGS

Hundreds of miles up in the sky, like the Giant’s Castle from ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, Mingma Gayle Sherpa, a few moments ago, shared the rarest, never-seen-before pics of the shoulder on K2 Camp-4. This is the first time ever that a man has set foot on K2’s shoulder and the picture exposes the magical

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Nepalese prodigy, Nirmal Purja aka Nims Dai, received perhaps the strongest booster shot and a much needed pat on his back for his ongoing winter expedition on K2, when Reinhold Messner nominated him as the strongest contender for the current rally. Messner was answering a question on his Instagram account; “Nirmal is a great and

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True to his fame, Nims Dai and team have made some startling progress by reaching Camp-2 on the Abruzzi albeit the fact that they have not yet done proper acclimatization as conceded by Nims in his Twitter message. Arrived at camp 2. We’ll sleep here tonight. Tomorrow morning I will evaluate the team’s conditions, as

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Pakistani authorities in the past have come under fire multiple times for not promptly executing Search and Rescue Operations in the mountains. These rescue operations which are only conducted by Askari Aviation- an agency directly run by Pakistan Army Aviation and which is the sole rescue service in the region, have been repeatedly accused in

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Main subject of the article

Once known to be notorious for female climbers, K2 will be receiving first shipment of a female climber for this years’ winter rally. Celebrated Polish athlete and climber Magdalena Gorzkowska, on Saturday, announced her intention of climbing K2 for the first time in winters accompanied by two Nepalese Sherpas. This will now be the fifth

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